Help the youth step into their personal power, become more resilient, find their own voice, and become leaders and role models for their peers so they can lead the next generation.


We create an environment of high energy, inspiration, and motivation during our sessions. Every session will have its own insights to teach the youth to have better communication and listening skills. We will also work on their emotional intelligence to teach them the importance of compassion towards themselves and others and how to think before reacting in any challenging moment of their lives. Other focuses will be on self-respect and respect towards others. We will also touch on the importance of service and giving to help our community have a brighter and successful future.



The needs to fulfill for the youth are the following:

  • How to deal with peer pressure from society, family and friends
  • Learn to overcome fears or challenges they are having in school and being willing to ask for help when they need it
  • Self Confidence and self belief that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.
  • Have their own positive self identity and who they desire to become for the future.

We will assist the youth by doing the following:

  • Teach them how to stop being influenced by others that might be having a negative impact on them so they can find their own voice and become the person they want to be
  • Youth will learn how to master their emotions, overcome self doubt and improve their self-esteem so they can be confident in their abilities.
  • How to be more productive and learn how to manage their time so they can overcome procrastination and get work done in a timely manner
  • Teach them how to ask for help when they need it and not be ashamed or embarrassed to reach out for help from a tutor or teacher.



  • We recommend working directly with the youth during the sessions so that everyone can have an opportunity to participate during the sessions.
  • We will have Q & A at the end of every session to answer any questions that the youth might have so they can have clarity on the topic we talked about. If the youth have any questions after the session they can feel free to email me directly or add a question in the fb group so I can answer any questions or concerns they may have.
  • We will also have a pdf assigned to the youth to help the youth retain the information that was presented to them in the presentation.
  • The youth will be paired up so they can keep each other accountable and also learn to communicate with new people throughout the week.
  • We will be having a virtual retreat in the middle of the program and after the last session so we can go over all of the sessions and what insights they got from the work we did together and what their next step will be going forward, so we can help them set up a plan of action to continue the motivation going.



12 one hour sessions & virtual retreats

  • Goals and Dreams: Creating and finding your vision
  • How to Master your Emotions: How to overcome negativity and manage your feelings
  • Under Pressure: How to overcome Peer Pressure
  • Unstoppable Confidence: Overcome self-doubt and improve your self-esteem
  • The Gift of Being Yourself: How to stop comparing yourself to others and being your true self
  • Get out of your own way: How to overcome self-sabotage
  • Own your life: Take control of your future
  • How to overcome Jealousy and Envy
  • Failing Forward: How to overcome the fear of failure
  • The Procrastination Cure: Overcome your inner procrastinator
  • What is love? The secret to finding true love
  • Limitless: How to overcome limiting beliefs and step into your greatness
  • 2 Virtual Retreats



  • Constant contact with any questions the youth may have about the sessions
  • PDF’s for youth to have after every session so the learning can be active and not passive.
  • Fb Group to keep the accountability and support going. This will help the youth feel supported by myself and the people in the sessions. This is a great way to build community and trust.


Contact me by filling out the contact
form. I normally return calls and contact forms within 24 hours.